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ôThe source of childĺs learningůö:

the role of primers and basal readers through time and cultures


8th  October


Cultural program:
An excursion to the Collection of Rare and Valuable Books of Russian State Library (meeting point  - Ushinsky Scientific Pedagogical Library at 9.30)

Round table «A right to a text, conscience, gender. Textbook publishing: history and modernity»

Moderators: Anatoly M. Tsapenko, Elena A. Danilina


Elena A. Danilina:

Reproduction of authorsĺ texts in textbooks:  historical traditions and contemporary problems

└nna └.Ozhiganova:

Religion at school: an analysis of textbooks on the Basics of Religious Culture and Secular Ethics

Tatiana D.Shaposhnikova

Teaching the Basics of Religious Culture and Secular Ethics at compulsory school: a cultural aspect

Elena └.Kolosova:

Textbooks for primary school of  the 2000s: gender and professional socialization

Irena Zogla, Aija Tuna:

The sources of childĺs knowledge: is there a textbook? A Latvian point of view

┼katerina A.└sonova:

A textbook vs a book: perception of fiction

┼lena ┼.Dinerstein:

Primary textbooks: a critical outlook

Vitaly G.Bezrogov

Problems of visual anthropology of a school textbook in  the collection ôPictures in your primer: pedagogical semantics of illustrations in a primary textbookö

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Moderators: Peter Ye. Dedik, Olga E. Kosheleva

╬lga V.Tomashevitch

The first textbook: Book of Kemit in Ancient Egypt

╠aria R. Nenarokova 

«Colloquia» by Aelfric Bata: on  the problem of  Anglo-Saxon primary education in the 10th-11th centuries

Julia E. Shustova

The first Moscow primer by Vasily Burtzov 1634: the problems of its research and presence in the culture

┼katerina Yu. Romashina

Interconnection of the text and the visual sequence in a textbook: a retrospective analysis


18.00-18.30  Coffee break

Presentation of databases and new editions on the history of textbooks

Moderators: katerina Yu. Romashina,Vitaly G. Bezrogov

Elena A. Kolosova

Database of  the National Children E-Library at Russian State Children Library

╬lga V. Kabasheva

Database ôPrimers, basal readers, textbooksö of Ushinsky Scientific Pedagogical Library

╩onstantin V. Vigursky

Database of the Scientific Pedagogical E-Library at Ushinsky Scientific Pedagogical Library

└nna D. Tzendina

Traditional Mongolian primers in ôExamples of written tradition in the Northern Mongolia of the 16th ľ beginning of the 20th centuryö

╬lga . Kosheleva

Western European and Russian textbooks in the 16th-19th centuries: confessionalisation and (de) secularization

└lla └. Salnikova,
Dilyara ╠.Galiullina

Tatar «Elifba»: national primer in the multicultural space as a subject of a monograph study

Olga Yu. Sharapova

History of a primer in the journal ôThe Primary schoolö

Anatoly M. Tsapenko

Online catalogue ôTexbooks dd. before 1830 in the collection of Perm State Pedagogical Institute of Humanitiesö

Vladimir  F. Khoteenkov

The Museum of Moscow Education collections on the history of primary education

20.30   Dinner

9th October

Textbooks in Middle Ages and Early Modern time

Morning session

Moderators: Ekaterina E. Yurchik, Maya S. Petrova

╠aria Yu. Savelieva

Later Gothic alphabets and Medieval Pedagogy

Luidmila V. Moshkova

Signatures in the acts of the first third of the XVIth century as a source to study the teaching of writing skills: a statement of the problem

Maria └.Poliakova

Teaching reading, writing and morals to children by Lutherĺs ôSmall Catechism /Der Kleine Katechismusö

Nina V.Revyakina

«Lingvae Latina exercitatio»: the school dialogue by Juan Luis Vives

Kirill └. Levinson

Image of the world and the system of values in Early Modern European textbooks of German


11.20-12.00  Coffee-break

Afternoon session

Moderators: Jamila N. Ramazanova, Maria └.Poliakova

Julia G.Kurovskaya

Textbooks by Valentin Ickelsamer: cognitive and linguistic analysis

Maya S. Petrova

Experience in perception and usage of Latin Grammar by Aelius Donatus in the XVIIth century Russia

Jamila N. Ramazanova

Manuscript and printed book in the teaching practice of Slavic Greek Latin Academy

Aida Kruze,
Erika Vugule

Basal readers in Lettish of the XVII-XVIII centuries: from religious to secular contents

Maria V. Zolotukhina

Some aspects of the primary teaching of reading in the USA: textbooks and books of the XVIIIth ľ XXI centuries.


14.30-15.30  Lunch


Evening session

Moderators: Svetlana G.Maslinskaya, Olga P. Ilyukha

Ekaterina E.Yurchik

Pedagogical innovations in Spanish primary textbooks and basal readers of the 18th century

Inna └. Sergienko

Russian primers of the last third of the XVIIIth century

Irina P. Pyart

Textbooks in Livland orthodox schools of the second half of the XIXth ľbeginning of the XXth century as a way to include Non-Russians into the Imperial Space

╠aria V. Leskinen

Real and ideal Motherland in Russian textbooks and popular literature of the second half of the XIXth century: ethnic types, national landscape, language standards

Alexey Yu.Nititchenkov

Folklore in Russian ABC-books, primers, basal readers at the turn of the XIXth century.


10th October

 «Primer is not gingerbread, you can bite your tongue »: standards of teaching in the times of the beginning and consolidation of the mass school

Morning session

Moderators: Alexander B. Lyarsky, Maria └.Poliakova

┼katerina I.Kislova

Teaching material in foreign languages in Russian seminaries and religious schools of the 18th century.

Leonid V.Moskovkin,
Sergey V.Vlasov

Textbooks of Russian for foreigners of the first half of the 18th century: addressee, contents, circulation

╬lga G.Sidorova

«English as Latin»: first Russian textbooks of English for children

Sergey V.Vlasov

Characteristics of the primary teaching of French by primers published in Russia in the second half of the 18th century


12.00-12.30  Coffee break

Afternoon session

Moderators: Aida Kruze, Alexander Yu. Rozhkov

└nna └. Senkina

Bélles-léttres as didactic material: on the history of the use of fiction in basal readers at the turn of the 18th century

Vera Ya. Frys

XIXth century Greek-Catholic Catechisms for children

Galina V.Kondratieva

Geometry textbook for primary school: the experience of the second half of the XIXth century

Alexander B. Lyarsky

ôHere I am! Why have you called me?ö: death in Russian primers and basal readers at the turn of the XIXth century


Toys and games in primers of the beginning of the XXth century


15.00-16.00  Lunch

Evening session

Moderators: Aida Kruze, Alexander Yu. Rozhkov

Victoria S.Zubareva

«To children about animals»: animals in primers, basal readers and children magazines of the first third of the XXth century.

Alexander Yu. Rozhkov

Northern Caucasian primers of the1920-1930s as the tools for idoctrination

Heinze Carsten,
Heinze Kristin

The concept of ôVolksgemeinschaftö in Nazi primers: the image of Hitler and pedagogy

Svetlana G.Maslinskaya

How Bydenny was replaced by Gastello and Mumu was replaced by Mamlakat: an episode from the history of a collection of expositions for primary school of the 1930-1950s


11th October

Textbooks of the 20th-21st centuries: history as postmodernity


Moderators: ╠aria V. Leskinen, Anatoly Tsapenko

Irina N. Arzamastseva

Conceptual sphere of ôRussian dictionary in picturesö by N.V. Chekhov, M.F.Robinson and Kh. G.Khakimov

Olga P.Ilyukha

Images of Karelia in the regional primers of the ŇŇ - ŇŇI centuries.

Ďatiana └.Vlasova,
└nastasia P. Plotnikova

Visual representation of ethnic markers in contemporary Udmurt and Russian primers

╠aria └.Kozlova

«The dialogue of cultures» in the monologue of the dominating group: images of ethnic minorities in Soviet and Post-Soviet textbooks

15.30-16.30 Lunch



Moderators: Tatiana S. Markarova, Yuliya E. Shustova

╬leg V. Aurov

Julian de Toledo and his ôArs Grammaticaö in the culture of Visigothic Spain

╬leg R. Khromov

The Primer by Karion Istomin with manuscript amendments by Deomed Yakovlev the son of Serko as a monument of Russian manuscript book culture of the XVIth century

Baiba Kalke,
Elita Stikute

Contemporary Literature textbook sets in Latvia

└natoly ╠.Tsapenko

The concept of «law» in Pre-Soviet, Soviet and Post-Soviet primers and basal readers

Closing of the Conference

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