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Information on placement of participants


Dear nonresident participants of conference!

Regarding hotels in Moscow we can tell you the following. Near our library, in which the conference will take place, there are hotels in proximity around five minutes of walking. For example Hotel Kadashevskaya - four stars (Hotel "Kadashevskaya") the cost of accommodation is 13 - 16 thousand rubles per night.

* * *

Or another similar on a service class Park Inn by Redisson Hotel in proximity around five minutes of walking from a conference venue the cost of accommodation is about 13 - 16 thousand rubles in days.

* * *

Hostel on Malaya Ordynka street. Single rooms are available for 2 thousand roubles per night. Share amenities.

* * *

We also can recommend hotels which located not in a close proximity, but at more favorable price

Hotel Izmailovo

Standard room-2300 roubles per night

Business room- 2500 roubles per night

Executive room-2700 roubles per night


105187, Moscow, Izmailovskoe shosse, .71 block.2 Tel+7 (495) 514 85 05

Office address: hotel complex «Izmailovo» Hotel Beta, office 115

Telephone: +7 (495) 514-85-05, +7 (495) 792-98-80 +7 (495) 504-94-84, +7 (925) 514-53-53 Fax: +7(495) 792-98-87


Postal address for correspondence:105187 Moscow, Izmailovskoe shosse, 71, block. 2, office 710.

* * *

Mini-hotel Prince-Plaza Toyply stan subway, station. 30 min travel time door to door, from the hotel to the library.

Accommodation cost from 4 to 6 thousand roubles per night.

Address: Moscow, Profsoyoznaya street, 129A Prince-Plaza complex, 6 floor

Telephone: 8-(495)-66-55-325, Fax: 8-(495)-66-55-325







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Information on placement of participants

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